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Relative size of our 15/16" books


Miniature books available now (dollhouse size):  Click on title to view details. As titles go out of print they are removed from this list.

Many titles have been added that were previously out-of-print.

17 Haunted Houses   

Adventures of the Discerning Thesbian  A new Sherlock Holmes adventure 

All's Well    A History of the City of Philadelphia.  

Ancient Helmets   


Aunt Faith's Recipies   

Baskets of Alaska  

Betsey Ross   

Bird Poems 

Birthday Doll  


Carter   Biography



Children's Literature  

The Cincinnati Reds   


Corals of Pennekamp  

Covered Bridges of Oregon  

Crown Jewels  

Deck the Halls  

Dogs   A 3 volume set in a slip case.   


Fashion 1900 - 1970   

Flower Arrangements

Forty is Fine   

Grandparent Book  

Healing and Belief  written by Norman Cousins

Hasty Put-Ins  Cook Book


The Invisible Dog   

Itty Bitty Bottles  

The Lamp  Biography of Lloyd C. Douglas


Lute & Lyre  

Micro Guns 

Now in My Day...   Cartoonist Milton Caniff.

Miniature Horses  

Miriam Mouse series  

Movie Memo  

Musical Boxes  

My Mother Told Me . . .   

Ocatagonal Houses of Maine   

OSHA SPECS re: The Fetus   A Spoof of Government Regulations



Sea Gems   Shell collecting

Scrimshaw  History


The Quadrille   

To Remamber Me   


Toy Soldiers     

Trees of Minnesota  

Ua - A hawaiian legend   

Victorian Christmas   

Virginia's Natural Bridge

Water and Windfalls   

Wedgwood  History

Micro Books  - 1/2" tall  - Again available!

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Larger size miniature books available:

20 Old Bottles  Companion Book to Itty Bitty Bottles

Cabin in the Clearing  

Silver Bindings    

Tools  Whimsical Poems on Tools

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