The Cincinnati Reds

By sports writers Floyd Conner and John Snyder. The long up-and-down history of our home team. [Mosaic Press is a Cincinnati Publishing Company.] Great stories about old time players like Shoeless Joe. Many good details, like the time Cincinnati was expelled from the then new National League for selling beer at the games. It’s surprising how many facts the authors have packed into these little pages. Did you know the first night game in baseball history was played at Crosley Field in 1935. Illustrations by Romilda Dilley show Edd Rousch, Fred Hutchinson, Tony Perez, Vada Pinson and Pete Rose. End paper in a Turkish pattern hand marbled by Catherine Levine, in red, white and tan. Bound in Bright red book cloth, stamped in silver, with The Reds on the spine and The Cincinnati Reds on the front cover. I know this discrepancy drives librarians wild, but please consider that the book is only 1/8" thick, and I really try to make the titles readable. This book is rounded, and had grey-green head bands. 15/16" tall, 64 pages. $35.00.


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