The Adventures of the Discerning Thespian.  by John H. Watson, M.D.

Years ago, I put notices in several writers newsletters and magazines saying that I was looking for a short, new, very plausible Sherlock Holmes story. Nothing happened. Then one day, years later, this wonderful manuscript arrived in my mail, written by Frank Ramirez. I consulted two experts who together agreed that it needed only 5 simple changes here and there to be perfect. For instance, Holmes never uses the word “cemetery,” so we replaced that word with “graveyard.”

The frontispiece is a portrait of Holmes by wood engraver Michael McCurdy. Bound in brown leatherette, with Sherlock Holmes stamped in gold on the spine, and a portrait in gold on the cover, taken from McCurdy’s engraving. Combed end papers in brown, cream and dark red. 15/16" tall, 64 pages. $28.00.


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