Micro Books

I planned to bind each  in a different color leather; Tan for Merchant of Venice, and dark green for Stock Market. That is how the first ones bound turned out. However, it also turned out that it was more important to use super thin leather, than to have them all the same color.  The thinnest of the thin leather is called skiver, which is shaved or “skived” until it is so thin and flexible. So, although I try to keep to the original color scheme, because sometimes I find a nice scrap of skiver that work well on the tiny books, some other colors have been used. I have not kept track of how many I have made of each color.

Printed on acid free Howard Permalife paper by my patient printer, O. Carroll Prewitt, at Empire Printing. I marbled the end sheets myself with a sponge, using gouache colors, cerulean blue and burnt umber. Both have the title on the cover stamped in gold. Each is 1/2" tall.


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Merchant of Venice.  Shakespeare. ISBN. Micro Book. No copyright. 1982. No illustrations. Text is the “Quality of Mercy” speech. 20 printed pages.   OUT OF PRINT               

Stock Market.  No ISBN. No copyright. 1982. Author: Miriam Irwin, 10 illustrations by Dorothy Gehes Fraembs. [She was also author and illustrator of My Mother Told Me…] 1/2" tall. Serious good advice, complete with charts and graphs. $30

23rd Psalm. From the Bible. Cased in maroon leather. $30.    We are sorry, but the 23rd Psalm is now out of print,

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