Toy Theaters

In England, before the days of television, if a child were taken to a play, he would re-enact the for his friends from memory, making a paper and cardboard stage and cutout characters. This became such a popular pastime for children that soon publishers sent artists to draw the sets and costumes of new plays, and published them soon after the play opened. Old toy theaters have, of course, become quite beloved among collectors of childhood memories. Written by Valentine Poska. Illustrated by artist Louise Bange, who also designed the cover after the Grench Grolieresque Mosaic Enamel binding to Geoffroy Tory’s Book of Hours, Paris, 1542.

Bound in rich brown kid, elaborately stamped in gold with a touch of metallic turquoise. Combed end papers by Faith Harrison in shades of brown and cream. An elegant and interesting little book.15/16" tall, 64 pages. $45.00.


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